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What should I look for in a Low Voltage Systems company?

It can be difficult finding a trustworthy systems company, especially when you have a large facility that needs multiple systems put into place. Perhaps you need a fire alarm system, sound system, access control, nurse call, or security system. CES has been doing these types of services since 1984, with over 100 highly trained technicians on staff.

When considering a reliable low voltage systems integrator company, remember these tips:

  • Must be able to make provisions that fit your needs while anticipating future problems.

  • Should have all the correct licenses and permits required to operate in your area, along with having up-to-date workmen’s insurance.

  • Up-to-date with the latest technology and innovations.

  • Beware of the lowest bid and depend more on the fairest bid with the best quality products, services and technicians.

  • Research reviews and testimonies.

Commercial Electrical Systems has worked with schools, hospitals, malls, airports, and high rises to design and engineer systems that work efficiently and effectively. It’s difficult to argue with results and satisfaction. Here are just some examples of what CES has completed over the years:

  • Installed a Siemens FS 250 system in the fuel farm at The Charlotte Douglass International Airport to control and stop the fuel flow to the ramp via high pressure nitrogen valves.

  • Provided service at the Whole Foods High Rise Condominium building which includes retail shops and occupies an entire city block in downtown Sarasota, Florida.

  • Serviced the 532,000 square foot renovation of Riverview High school that included six buildings and seven small learning communities.

  • Installed a complete design build fire alarm system at Whole Foods, One Palm Project and a lot of hotel complexes in Sarasota, Florida

  • Complete Access control, Patient wandering, Fire alarm, Sound, Voice & Data Systems at multiple inspired living ACLF sites throughout Southwest Florida.

  • At Mooresville Ford in North Carolina, CES installed an intercom/paging system.


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