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BDA Systems

Reliable communication is a necessity when emergencies happen. Maintaining communication inside and outside of the building ensures less injuries and more lives can be saved.

Emergency responders lose signal when they enter a building cutting them off to anything and everything going on outside. This is critical to ensure the responders have a well established link between the two. This is when Bi Directional Antenna (BDA) or a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) would be installed in the building.

The Concern: A Poor Radio Signal

Weak radio signal will hinder emergency responders from doing their job effectively. A weak signal can be caused by how the building was constructed and what materials they used that could negatively affect signal strength.

  • Large Buildings

  • Low-E Glass

  • Hospitals

  • Metal structure i.e. Self Storage building


The Solution: BDA

Tested and evaluated in accordance with UL 2524 1st Edition requirements for In-building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems, Honeywell’s BDA solution enhances two-way radio signal strength inside buildings, tunnels, and other structures. Our Class B, Bi-Directional Amplifier Solutions are a high power, band-selective radio signal booster system that can be designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band ranges.

  • Any building that is identified and inspected under local ordinances and/or is requiring public safety permits.

  • Any building that needs constant two way communication.

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A RF survey will be conducted to determined if in-fact a BDA system will need to be installed. The survey is done by a factory trained and FCC licensed technician. They will test for uplink/downlink signal strength. These results will be given to the AHJ to to determine if the solution is required.

  • Our factory trained and licensed technicians will assist with any and all requests regarding the BDA system from site evaluation to installation.

  • C.E.S will ensure the design is code compliance and meets all local and state codes.

  • Being a full service company we do not stop after the instillation. We offer maintenance and inspections to ensure the system is fully functional with no issues year after year to provide peace of mind for the customer and the first responder.

Commercial Electrical Systems Commitment To The Customer

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